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Free PDF Eyrbyggja Saga (Penguin Classics)

An Icelandic saga which mixes realism with wild gothic imagination and history with eerie tales of hauntings. It dramatizes a 13th century view of the past, from the pagan anarchy of the Viking age to the settlement of Iceland, the coming of Christianity and the beginnings of organized society.
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OMACL: The Laxdaela Saga
THE LAXDAELA SAGA Online Medieval and Classical Library Release #32 Originally written in Icelandic (Old Norse) sometime around the year 1245 A.D. Author unknown ...
Egil's Saga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Egil's Saga ( listen (help · info)) is an Icelandic saga. The oldest transcript (a fragment) dates back to 1240 AD. The saga is centered on the life of Egill ...
Njáls saga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Njáls saga ( listen (help · info)) (also Njála ( listen (help · info)), Brennu-Njáls saga ( listen (help · info)) or "The Story of Burnt Njáll") is a 13th ...
Saghe degli Islandesi - Wikipedia
Le saghe degli Islandesi pervenute fino ai nostri giorni sono circa quaranta: Bandamanna saga; Bárðar saga Snæfellsáss; Bjarnar saga Hítdœlakappa
Egils saga - Wikipedia
Note. Bibliografia. Egils saga, Hermann Pálsson e Paul Edwards (traduttori), Penguin Classics, Harmondsworth, New York, 1976; ISBN 0-14-044321-5.
Sagas de los islandeses - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Saga de Bandamanna; Saga de Bárðar Snæfellsáss; Saga de Njál; Saga de Droplaugarsona; Saga de Erik el Rojo; Saga Eyrbyggja; Saga Færeyinga; Saga de Finnboga ramma
Holda | The Odinic Rite
By Thorsigurd AOR I decided to devote some study to one of the Goddesses connected to this time of year, more specifically one who was worshipped mainly among
- Les trois Nornes, les Dises et les Valkyries (Naudiz ...
Ce texte, malgré sa concision, engendre trois remarques extrêmement importantes. La première on est relatif au fait que les Idisi sont décrites assises. Sitemap
9781841938981 184193898X Wordsearch, Various Experts 9781931833301 1931833303 Prosperity and Success, Ranvir 9781436787147 1436787149 Below the Surface V2 - A Story ...

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